THROUGH THE STORIES OF more than 250 laity and clergy he interviewed in 32 countries of five continents, seasoned Lutheran pastor F. Dean Lueking offers this highly readable account of the global church as seen through their eyes. Against the background of his scholarly awareness of the dramatic shifts in the demographics of world Christianity, especially in the unprecedented growth of the church in the global South, Lueking keeps the focus on the joys and struggles of actual men, women, and youth, with names, faces, and personal histories, who live the Gospel in their daily lives in family, congregation, work, and community. His narrative, spread across places as different as Palestine is to Papua New Guinea, Norway to Nicaragua, both informs and inspires as it brings to American readers a close up of what God is doing in his world. The book is an invitation to bridge-building, faith-strengthening, and creative networking with fellow believers near and far in a world that sorely needs purposeful uniting rather than further dividing. There is no other book quite like it.
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